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I and my partner have always had a pet, from being a little. We had mostly dogs, but also cats, turtles or hamsters. We like especially the large sized dog breeds like Collie or Rottweiler. As we live in town in a 3 rooms flat now, we couldn’t afford to keep the big dogs in our home. We were missing some pet till we were first introduced to the Devon Rex cats. We knew that we had found the proper pet for us.    

Our first Devon Rex cat, a black spotted girl called Alaya, arrived in October 2008 from Poland. From that time everything in our home changed. DRX cats are such a joy to own. We love their personality, as they talk to you, love to jump, play and fetch. Later we were considering a friend to play with for Alaya, in time, when we are both in work. In January 2009 we found in Czech Republic a seal lynx point girl Taylor, who won our hearts when she hided in my friends jacket sleeve during our first visit. Alaya was first upset to share our company with the small alien, but they became soon the best friends. Then we were considering having little kittens from our girls and we decided to look for our own stud boy, so the last member of our family – a red-silver point boy called Passionario, came in June 2009 from Lithuania. “Pasa” became from the first moment the head of our cat household and both our girls felt in love with him soon.

In November 2009 we registered our breeding cattery Royal Devons*SK in FIFE. It’s not a cattery as such, mainly because all our kittens are born and brought up in the home environment with people and our cats. Our kittens are a great big part of our family and everyone plays a big part in their development. We would like to keep our Devon Rex family as big as it is now and we want occasionally contribute to the breeding of this great cat breed with our kittens.

Our kittens go to a new home after 13 weeks of age. They come with a full course of vaccinations, including a health check. All our kittens are wormed, microchipped, litter trained, friendly, playful and well socialized. They leave us with purchase contract,  with full 4 generation Pedigree, FIFE registered and with a kitten’s starter pack – sample of dry food, CD with pictures, favourite toy and kitten care information.

Our cats are an important part of our life and our world revolves around them. We expect from the new owners exactly the same. We are looking for a 5* forever homes for our kitties, therefore we focus on responsible people who are realising that our cat will be their fellow and life-partner for the next 10-15 years. We prefer primarily the people concerned in a pet and family member. One of our sale conditions for new owner is always to keep in touch with our cattery. All our kittens will stay forever a part of our cattery, although already in new homes. 

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