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New kittens from Royal Devons

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The kittens leave the nursery for their journey in a new home at the age of at least 13 weeks. The longer the kitten stays by its mother, the easier transfer into new environment as well as a better immunity it has. All our kittens get by picking up from their new owner all needful vaccinations, they are more times dewormed and have a chip. New owners will obtain the pedigree of kitten, CD of pictures, sales contract, the sample of dry food for the first days and its favorite toy.

The kittens are grown up with love at our place and they are really the centerpiece of everything. We expect the same from their new owners. We look for the longtime stay for our kittens, for the responsible people being conscious and counting with the fact that their cat will join them throughout their life next 10-15 years.

We prefer primarily the persons interested to have a home pet and another family member.  A sales condition is to keep the permanent written contact of our breeding station with a new owner. Our kittens stay the part of our breeding station even after leaving it for their new home.

We don't ship our kittens but you are very welcome to come and pick up your kitten in our home.

In some cases we will be able to bring the kittens to you by ourselves on buyers expence.


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